UnLODEing Zone


Karisa Steffens, Tech Editor

Anyone else excited for Winter Carnival? I know I am eager to see what all will be happening. This will be my first year here during the event, and I am looking forward to snow sculptures, sporting events and all of the other things that will be going on during the week. Thus far, I still don’t even know all of what I want to get involved in, but I am definitely looking forward to getting involved and having some fun in the snow.

Even so, I know I likely have work that needs to be done over the short break we have. I have papers to write and tests to study for that will be coming up after carnival ends. Part of me has mixed feelings on that. I like having the extra time to get things done, but at the same time, I had hoped to focus more on enjoying my extra free time over the break and just relaxing.

Other than this week, I’d say I’ve been having a fairly relaxed semester thus far. My class load is far lower than it was last semester, and other than a few more self-driven courses this semester, I can say that the coursework has been more manageable than I expected. While this week seems to have a few more assignments to catch up on than before, I can’t say I have many complaints about what has been assigned thus far.

On Wednesday, I plan on starting off Winter Carnival by helping with one of the all-night statue builds. I definitely know nothing about statue building, but I have a feeling it’ll be a lot of fun to participate. I am excited, and am definitely planning on wearing a lot of layers to stay warm while being outside for so long.

With the prehistoric theme this year, I am rather interested in seeing what others will be making as well. I can’t say I’ve seen a ton of sculptures that really managed to stay around for long before. That’s why I am eager to take some pictures of what I see here, and hopefully manage to make something that at least resembles what my group intends to build. I hope everyone else has fun this weekend as well!