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A sharp review for “Knives Out”

Knives Out is a 2019 murder mystery that takes a stab at the classic movie cliche. The movie features roles portrayed by notable actors Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis and Chris Evans. The suspicious circumstances revolving around the death of the wealthy author Harlen Thrombey brings private detective Benoit Blanc to the Thrombey estate.

There are motives in every corner and no suspect is safe from scrutiny. As events twist and fold together, with a few interesting holes in certain parts of the story, it is an endless guessing game of who might have been the one to follow through on such a thing.

The plot accelerates once the last will and testament of Harlen Thrombey is revealed and the family finally finds out who is to become the heir to the Thrombey fortune. Nobody is prepared to find out what secrets Harlen knows, both those that are his own as well as others in the family.

The film itself shows incredible examples of cinematography with variations in camera angles and special effects. Different examples of special camera work are shown, such as slow motion shots and close up angles. The movie also showcases a reprising role outside of his usual method by Chris Evans, an actor who is known for portraying characters with good intentions and a strong moral compass.

It is of no surprise that the movie was nominated for Best Film by the Producers Guild of America.

As a whole, the movie was put together in such a way that it allows for an audience to understand enough of the scenario to think that they know what is really going on, just to add a new development and leave them guessing all over again.

Perfectly foreshadowed without giving too much away, it is a wildly enjoyable experience to watch, and it is the sort of movie that can be watched again and again without the audience getting tired of the suspense or humor.

It is also worth noting that movie has two dogs in it that can be seen multiple times engaging in various activities and interacting with various characters. Knives Out really does have a little something for everyone. The movie does a wonderful job of not only keeping the audience engaged and thinking, but also on the edge of their seat.

The plot twists are difficult to guess ahead which keeps a healthy amount of suspense and intrigue for all the interested movie-goers to enjoy.

“Knives Out” was at least partially advertised as a sort of horror-comedy, but it came across far more as a suspenseful thriller or mystery with hints of murder. It did not come across as a comedy to many audience members. Rather they saw it taking a more serious tone.

The movie was not overwhelmingly serious or frightening, but more of a light-hearted mystery with some comedic elements.

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