The UnLODEing Zone


Maddie Steger, Editor in Cheif

Oh boy. Here we go again.

Honestly, I love The Lode, I truly do. However, this year it will be the absolute death of me. It’s the second week and I already feel like I’m drowning in things I need to do, and that’s not even including all the work I have for my classes!

Anyway, let’s talk about something more positive, like my new puppy Bingly. He is a beautiful six month year old Bluetick Coonhound whom I love dearly. I got him this past May and he has brought me nothing but pure joy. Watching him grow up has been a privilege and it’s going by way too fast.

Bingly has taught me the meaning of true love, seriously. No matter what happens, he looks up at me with his big eyes that always seem to say “I love you” and my heart melts. I won’t even try to lie, that boy is spoiled big time. He has so many different toys and things to chew on that I could run a small dog daycare.

During the summer I would take him to the dog park after work every day and he would run around and play with his friends, but sometimes he would stop, look at me, run to me and just press his body up against my legs before running off again. Those few seconds would always be the highlight of my day.

I’ve gotten really worried about losing him though. I recently bought him a FI collar (which is not cheap) that will be able to track his location at any given moment. He is chipped, but this way I always know where he is in case he gets lost on a hike or something.

Recently, I started waking up in the middle of the night in a complete panic thinking that something is wrong with Bingly. I have to listen for his soft breathing in order to calm down enough to catch my breath. Sometimes I nudge him with my foot and he just grumbles and rolls over, but it’s enough to make me feel assured that he’s ok.

If this is what parenthood is like then please take me off the sign-up sheet.