UnLODEing Zone


Maddie Steger, Editor in Chief

A place for the editors to unload 

I feel like I always write about my wonderfully awesome cat, so I’ll try to mix it up today.

Last night I had the most amazing and wonderful dream, but first, background information.

Ok so, I absolutely love goats. They’re amazing creatures and I would kill a man over one. My ultimate dream in life is to somehow buy a house on a lake and own a little goat ranch. I’ll have a couple boats—maybe a few kayaks and a 420 or two, my tortoise will have his own luxurious outside enclosure with three stories and lots of thing to bury under, and I’ll own a couple cats too and hopefully teach them how to sail with me. And on top of all that I’ll have some goats, maybe 4 or 5. At least (Honestly I looked at my student loans today and unfortunately this will probably not be possible and I will die alone and unhappy).

So anyways, in my dream I woke up in a nice comfy bed in some random house, went downstairs, and saw a little present on the table addressed to me. It was from my wonderful boyfriend, so I opened it and inside was a tiny carved wooden frog. But! Not just any wooden frog, it’s the kind that has a little wooden bat that you can use to stroke his back and make the frog croak.

I don’t know why, but I took it outside. As soon as I left the house I was in this wide open pasture, and I knew I had to play the frog. So of course, I did.

At first nothing happened, then in the distance I could see movement heading towards me. All of a sudden there was a herd of goats flocking to me and my wonderful wooden frog. I was so happy and overjoyed to see all these cute little goats and hear the little “blahh” sounds that they make.

It was truly an amazing dream.

*Note: This article ran April 11