UnLODEing Zone


Carly Delor, Lode Media Manager

A place for the editors to unload

April Fools day was this Monday. I have nothing against pranks. Personally, I stay away from them in general; mainly because I’m really crappy at thinking of and executing them, and also I generally don’t enjoy being on the receiving end of a prank. I got pranked twice this April Fools.

It started with an email saying there was a hall meeting in the kitchenette that night. I saw the email and headed up to the kitchenette ten minutes late, saw an empty kitchenette, remembered the date, and went back down the elevator. I resumed studying with my friends, figuring April Fools had done its worst.

While studying, two of my friends had taken up an entire couch by themselves. They were heavily cuddling, like laying on top of each other. That’s pretty typical for most of my friends. The rest of us started to get suspicious when they started to share quick glances, and small pecks on the ears and the back of the hand. That’s not so typical.

I went into a group chat without the two cuddling and started commenting about it. I wasn’t the only person who thought it was suspicious. These two have been extra clingy with each other for the past couple weeks leading up to this; not to mention the various times they had disappeared together while we were hanging out in larger groups. No one mentioned anything to the two while the giggled quietly in each others arms, but we were all thinking the same thing: they’re dating, right?

The two soon went to bed after finishing homework. Almost immediately, I turned to the friends I had been texting and voiced my comments. The four of us left started trying to figure out if this was official dating or just an overly affectionate night for them. We came to the conclusion there was no way they weren’t together.

One of them sent a message in the largest group chat mentioning a change in the nature of their relationship. The group chat blew up with fake shocked reactions. We were happy for them all the same, though. Then someone commented about the date. The realization was slow. We were so sure about this. It couldn’t be a prank. But then we remembered how awful our friends are. This was definitely a prank. A very long, well executed, heartbreaking prank. I hate my friends. <3

*Note: This article ran April 4