Michigan Tech Water Day

Sam Wallace, Lode Writer

On Monday, several groups presented their research for the annual World Water Day. Students presented on topics relating to water quality and ecology. These topics ranged from studying the spread of water-borne diseases such as Legionella, which can leave residue in pipes even after being filtered, and Cholera, a deadly disease caused by unsanitary drinking water, to the co-incidence of Nitrogen fixation and denitrification in wetlands.

The main speaker of the event was Monica Lewis-Patrick, President and CEO of We the People of Detroit, a group that opposes the bankrupt city of Detroit’s policy of ceasing delivery of water to houses that have long outstanding water bills. They also assist those whose water has been shut off by providing free water. She spoke on social issues surrounding water, focusing on affordability. World Water Day is a UN observance day every March 22.