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Michigan Tech presents upcoming Medical Careers week

Though engineering often brings Michigan Tech its academic fame, as most students here do belong to an engineering field of some kind, MTU also offers some great majors within the medical field. The university offers many paths for students interested in a pre-health, professional undergraduate education.

Students interested in anything from veterinary sciences to optometry can get their pre-med education done at Michigan Tech. Besides those programs, Tech also offers fantastic undergraduate degree programs such as Biomedical Engineering, Exercise Science and Medical Laboratory Science.

Medical careers of all kinds are in high demand across the country as Baby Boomers retire, leaving gaping holes in the medical industry.

Medical Careers Week starts Monday, Jan. 28 and runs throughout the week with many events for students currently in a medical-related major or considering switching to one.

On Monday, Medical Device Day, representatives from Plexus and Phillips Medisize will be in the MUB Alumni Lounge from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. to talk with interested students. Phillips Medisize will also be available from 5 to 6 p.m. in the lounge for an info session where students can drop by and grab some pizza while also talking with interested representatives.

On Tuesday, Health Professionals Day 1, students are invited to the MUB Ballroom 1 from 12 to 1 p.m. to listen to keynote speaker Randy Neiswonger, CEO of Portage UP Health Center as he discusses leadership in healthcare. An event featuring medical professionals from a variety of disciplines will be featured from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday night, where students can listen to the discussion and ask questions concerning the invited professionals and their individual career paths.

Thursday, Health Professionals Day 2, will feature Karyn Fay, director of Michigan Tech’s Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program as the keynote speaker for the Teamwork in Healthcare event. In her speech, Fay plans to cover a case study of herself and describe the Team Approach to Healthcare. By that, she means “why it takes an entire team from different medical professions to get a correct diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up therapy.”

On Michigan Tech’s medical programs, Fay states that MTU stands out due to things like class size and a thorough covering of all key classes needed to succeed in a medical career. As for the benefits of the MLS program specifically, Fay says, “Most of our students in MLS are enrolled in 4+1 while other places are 2+2 or 3+1. This allows our students to graduate with a degree in MLS and THEN decide what they want to pursue.” By this, Fay means that at Michigan Tech students have 4 years in the university to complete their education, and then an additional year in a clinical practicum, so then they will have plenty of time to pick which route they want to take within the range MLS-related fields. At a school with a 2+2 curriculum, they wouldn’t have the same opportunities.

Fay adds, “Plus, our students are extremely successful in their chosen pathways.” For students considering switching to the MLS program, Fay states that it’s a rigorous program, but that students will get a job upon successful completion.

To finish up the events, Thursday night there will be a Speed Networking event with medical professionals from different healthcare backgrounds, where students can discuss questions and concerns with professionals. More information on next week’s medical careers events can be seen on advertisements around campus and on Michigan Tech’s events calendar.

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