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A place for the editors to unload.

I am very glad to be back here on campus. I missed the baren, freezing temperatures. And, no, I’m not joking.

My first year at Tech was an eye-opener. I have never experienced so much snow in my life before. It’s not like I haven’t seen snow before, living in Milwaukee meant that we regularly had snow in the winter. However, it wasn’t until I came to Tech that I saw the massive mountains of snow.

At first, it was a little terrifying to walk around campus and be surrounded by thigh-high walls of snow. Driving was worse – the piles on the sides of the roads would sometimes be 10 feet tall.
Now, I’m beginning to like it. I feel safe and secure walking in my little hamster tunnel of snow around campus.

Speaking of hamsters I saw this really cute video of someone who made a little maze for their hamster out of cardboard. It was five stories tall! The little hamster would find his way to a hole in the floor of the maze and cannonball down to the next floor. The best part was how they edited the video so it went into slow-motion and zoomed into the hamster’s little fluffy butt when he went into the hole and motivational music played in the background.

I used to have a hamster. His name was Beauregard. He was a cute little thing and I loved him so. I would put him in his tiny pink plastic ball and take him for walks. He would roll down the sidewalk and I would have to periodically nudge him out of a crack with my foot.

One weekend, my family and I went to our cabin like usual. He would always stay home and I would load him up with food and water so he would be ok. Well this weekend…he must have escaped somehow and we couldn’t find him for like an hour after we got home. My dad looked behind the entertainment center where the T.V. and we found him.


He chewed through a chord and electrocuted himself.

The worst part was he was still warm when we found him so he must have died right before we came home.

This took an unexpectedly sad turn.