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A place for the editors to unload. 

Wow. Ok, so the semester is almost over, which is great because that means Christmas is coming. It is definitely my favorite holiday because it’s actually magical.

Honestly, if you can look me in the eyes and tell me the air doesn’t feel different during Christmas time, then please don’t talk to me.

White snow, bright lights, decorating the tree, making cookies, sitting by the fireplace and, best of all, presents.

I’m not talking about getting presents, I’m talking about giving presents.

I consider myself a world-class present giver. I already know what I’m getting everyone in October, that’s how good I am.

There’s always a few people I go overboard on, like my mom. This year I’m making her a Scandinavian gnome, but I also got her a teacher-themed shirt (because she’s a third-grade teacher) and a funny bag about Thomas Jefferson (because she’s infatuated with the founding fathers). I love her dearly, so of course I’m going to go all out for her.

My two youngest brothers always get tickets for Animecon in Milwaukee. It’s our little tradition that I take them every year for Christmas, but the only problem is it’s in February so I’m stuck driving all the way down to Milwaukee for a weekend that month. It was fine when my family lived down there, but now that we moved to Norway, I have to book an Airbnb. Which actually isn’t that bad, it’s just more expensive. But also, they are my little brothers so why not. I’ll be in my goddamn 30’s when the youngest graduates college, so I have to savor every moment of his youth.

Anyways, my other brother (who goes to Northern) only wanted me to make him a pillow. I was like, “wow, Ryan, ok, cool, I can do that,” but then that loser said he wanted the Backwoods logo on it and I was like, “mmmm…alright.”

The things you do for Christmas, am I right fellas?

*Note: This article ran 12/6/2018