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Tech Theatre Company presenting “On the Verge” in McArdle

If you’re not interested in the upcoming MTU vs. NMU hockey games this Friday and Saturday, don’t plan on celebrating the opening of Mont Ripley, don’t want to study for exams and are still searching for something to do this weekend, look no further! The Tech Theatre Company will be showcasing the play “On the Verge” in the McArdle Theatre this weekend. Opening on Wednesday, Dec. 5 and closing Saturday, Dec. 8, viewing this show may be the best way to end your week!

The play, published by Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. and written by Eric Overmyer, first premiered at Baltimore’s Center Stage in 1985 and continues to be performed today. It was revived in 2016 by director Laura Braza and the Attic Theater Company at Soho Rep’s Walkerspace theater in New York.

The show’s script consists of abstract language, dated pop culture references and a dash of comedy. The play showcases its main characters in the form of three Victorian-era female explorers – Mary, Alex and Fanny – who adventure through what they believe to be an undiscovered wilderness: Terra Incognita. Casting aside the stereotypes given to women during the Victorian Era, the courageous women showcase their independence and fearlessness as they tackle the mysterious and unknown world they explore.

The women quickly realize they are not only wandering through jungles and deserts — they have also traveled through time!

Kassie Baril, stage manager for “On the Verge,” said that the play is like a puzzle that the audience must figure out, adding that it’s “fast-paced” and “full of crazy costume changes,” and will leave the audience wondering as they watch. Baril stated that the main goal of the play was to overcome gender stereotypes and that the three female main characters demonstrate that by “doing what men could do, but they could do better.”

When asked about what she is most looking forward to on the premiere night, Baril said simply, “There’s no holding back. We’re all in this story, and we’re making it all together.” She added that while the play goes on, there’s no worrying about homework or other things. Everyone, from cast to crew, has their attention focused on the play.

Michigan Tech’s production of “On the Verge” features Dr. Roger Held as the director and Kassie Baril as the stage manager. The cast and crew are composed of around 25 dedicated and talented Michigan Tech students.

The play will be held in the McArdle Theatre, which is located in Walker Hall, room 207, on Michigan Tech’s campus. It will be shown Wednesday through Saturday, with a showtime of 7:30 p.m. each night it is shown.

It is open to the general public, and the cost is $15 for adults and $5 for youth. Michigan Tech students with the Experience Tech fee will get in free. Baril estimates there to be around 112 seats available within the theatre, so plan in advance! For any additional questions concerning the play, you can contact the ticketing office at (906) 487-2073. To those who will attend the play, have fun, and to the cast – break a leg!

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