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Weird, yet interesting sports facts

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While it’s widely known that the winners of the Super Bowl get a commemorative ring, not many people know that all the referees do as well.

You might think that baseball games are long, but the actual playing time is pretty short. The average playing time in a Major League Baseball game is only about 20 minutes.

In 1943, while World War II was going on, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers combined to form one team because so many of their players were recruited for the war. They were lovingly known as the Steagals. The year after that the Steelers combined with the Chicago Cardinals.

All the Olympic players strive for the gold medal, but little do they know it is not actually solid gold like one might think. The last solid gold medal was made for the 1912 Olympic Games. Since then, the gold medals are made of about 93 percent silver, 6 percent copper and 1 percent gold. It’s a total scam.

When one watches a Major League Baseball game, all of the balls look brand new when they’re first introduced the the field. However, for the past 75 years, all the balls have been wiped down with mud from a secret location on the Delaware River.

It seems like everyone in the United States loves to participate in making brackets for March Madness, but no one has ever made a perfect bracket. There is a 1 in 9.2 quintillion chance of filling out a perfect bracket. That’s a 9 with 18 zeros behind it.

Pittsburgh is the only city that has the same colors for all of its major sports teams.

All of the umpires for the Major League Baseball games have to wear black underwear so no one will notice if they rip their pants during the game.

The well known logo for the National Basketball Association is Jerry West, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers and is now in the Hall of Fame.

Major League Baseball players hit the balls so hard that baseballs used in games only last around 6 pitches.

In Thailand, kite flying is a professional sport.

Everyone wonders why the Olympic rings are red, green, yellow, blue, and black. It’s because every flag in the world has at least one of those colors in it.

Once upon a time, in 2010, a tennis match at Wimbledon took 3 days to complete. United States player, John Isner, beat France’s player, Nicolas Mahut, after 11 hours and 5 minutes of gameplay.

Currently, there is only one sport that has been played on the moon. Sadly it is golf.

Brett Farve is known as a legendary quarterback because of his many completed achievements. However, he also has the most fumbles ever, the most interceptions ever, the most postseason losses and has been sacked more than any other quarterback. So really, it all evens out to make him just alright, not legendary.

In 1940, while Luke Appling was playing for the Chicago White Sox, he somehow fouled 24 pitches during just one time at bat. Eventually, he was walked to first.
Hughie Jennings holds the record for being hit the most times by a baseball pitch. Before retiring in 1918, he was hit 287 times.

Hockey player Tie Domi of the Toronto Maple Leafs, fought in 333 different fights on the ice. That is at least 1665 minutes in the penalty box.

Before the NHL introduced the concept of helmets, Eddie Shore, who played for the Boston Brunis, had the record for the most scars on his head. He had 19 different scars on his head, and over 600 stitches in his body at some point. The worst part was that he didn’t even play goalie.

In a 2008 Olympic qualifier game, the Slovakian women’s hockey team beat the Bulgarian team 82 – 0. Needless to say Bulgaria did not win a medal for hockey that year.

Tom Holland’s stunt double for Spiderman: Homecoming, Amadei Weiland, holds the record for the longest distance ran sideways along a wall. In 2012 he ran almost 12 feet along the side of a building.

In 2014, Kenichi Ito from Japan broke the record for the fastest person on all fours. He ran 100 meters in just 15.7 seconds on his feet and hands.

In 1919, during the ninth inning of the game, the Cleveland Indians pitcher Ray Caldwell was struck by lighting. He just shrugged it off and completed the game.

The largest bowling alley is located in Japan and has 116 lanes.

Shaquille O’Neal earned his place in the NBA hall of fame, but not for his free throws. Over his entire career, he missed 5,317 free throws.

In the 1900 Olympic games, live pigeon shooting made its debut as a sport. Hundreds of competitors had to shoot live pigeons that were released right in front of the audience. Unfortunately, the sport didn’t stick and no one ever played it again.

Sadly, it takes 3,000 cows to supply the NFL with enough leather for a year’s worth of footballs.

Supposedly, Babe Ruth would put a cabbage leaf under his baseball hat to keep him cool. He would change it every two innings or so.

Instead of air, most NASCAR teams will put nitrogen in their tires.

The most participated sport in the world is fishing. It seems so easy and mindless that anyone will try it.

While boxing became a legal sport in 1901, it obviously didn’t become any safer.

In 1898, the first broadcasted sport on radio was a yacht race off the coast of England.

Before being made from synthetic materials, basketballs used to be made from pigs’ bladders.

Out of all 365 days in a year, there are only two days where there are no professional sports games. The day before and the day after the first Major League Baseball game.

In 1937, in an effort to gain more attendance and popularity, cheetahs were raced at the Romford Greyhound Stadium.

Sweden’s National Sauna Champion is Ari Petrof. He stayed in a 212 degree Fahrenheit sauna for 5 hours and 10 minutes.

In 1457, England banned golf because it was thought to be a distraction from archery, with was considered a serious pursuit.

During the Super Bowl, the number of chickens used to meet the nationwide demand for hot wings during the game is roughly the same as New York Cities population.

Since 1896, when the modern Olympics began, only Greece and Australia have participated in every game.

Larry Lewis holds the record for runners 100 years or older. He ran the 100 yard dash in 17.8 seconds at 101 years old.

The NFL estimates that more than 100 children are conceived every year at tailgate parties for the Super Bowl in the parking lot.

In 1963 Gaylord Perry, a Hall of Fame pitcher, said, “They’ll put a man on the moon before I hit a homerun.” On July 20, 1969, just a few hours after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, Perry hit his only homerun.

During a game, a NFL lineman can shed up to 9 pounds of water. That’s as much as 2 chihuahuas.

The Pittsburgh Penguins once had a live penguin as their mascot. His name was Slapshot Pete.

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Weird, yet interesting sports facts