Flavor Flav is slept on


Image by ktphotography from Pixabay

What CAN’T Flavor Flav do?

Krys Indish, Lode Writer

Flavor Flav, a prolific hype-man turned reality TV star, is widely known for being outgoing, outrageous, and completely out of left field, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Musically-speaking, he is primarily known as being the hype man for Public Enemy, though perhaps a handful of you have heard his rap verses, which are featured on a few of Public Enemy’s tracks.  Although he is the best hype man of all time (his memorability and his amount of energy put into the job proves this), he is also a musical prodigy. 

You may read this and scoff in disbelief, but I’m serious: he is literally a musical prodigy. Chuck D (a fellow Public Enemy member) has come out to say that Flavor Flav can play around 15 instruments, including the piano, drums, guitar and more obscure instruments. He also used to sing in his church choir. This shows that from a young age, he picked up music and it became a lifelong passion for him. His piano abilities might not have been flexed the best during the filming of Flavor of Love, but he does show that he is comfortable at a piano and creating his own little tunes, though those featured on the show are rather simple.

Beyond his general talents in music which, according to his Wikipedia, started at the age of 5), Flavor Flav is also known for writing his own lyrics and helping produce some of Public Enemy’s tracks. If you enjoy some Public Enemy songs, chances are you are enjoying at least a sample or a few lines that were penned by Flavor himself. His musical abilities alone make him a prodigy, but Flavor Flav’s positive qualities don’t end there. 

The place Flavor Flav has let his personality shine the second most (the first most being his capabilities on stage) was on his reality show Flavor of Love. For those who haven’t watched it, it is probably one of the most ridiculous reality shows that I have seen, and I watch reality shows daily. To brief the uninitiated, it’s about Flavor Flav trying to find love through obscure challenges that were mostly just women acting sexually towards him. Many memes have come out of the show, but what isn’t seen through those memes are some of the most quotable moments I’ve seen on TV. On that note, I will end this with an amazing quote by the man of the hour. “One thing you can’t do with babies, you can’t give them steaks.” 

With that, I rest my case.