The Nice List

Dear Friends,


I am so glad I met all of you here at MTU, and I’m sad to know that I won’t get to see your smiling faces every day (or as often as I can) now.


Sophie, thanks for being so supportive and kind, and for being the gracious subject of so many of our jokes.

Valerie, thanks for keeping us on track and being willing to watch cringy Disney movies with me. 

Sarah, thanks for being the mom friend, and for making us laugh constantly. 

Nik, thanks for being a weirdo and making so many niche jokes that are sometimes hard to understand, but are funny nonetheless. 

Tyler, thanks for making funny jokes and always sending cat pictures when we ask you to. 

And finally, to Aidan, Ryan, Nolan, Ian and Darius – I was a little intimidated to meet Nik and Sarah’s group of first-year friends, but you all are amazing and so much fun. I’m so glad I met you!


See you next semester!