The Nice List

Dear Emilio,

There is perhaps no time that more necessitates the need for true, benevolent friends than that of Winter Carnival. Emilio, my Savior, if you’re reading, this one goes out to you man. Sometimes such a friend saves you from the most dire straits, bails you out of the most impossible circumstances, powering through the most disgusting and risky surroundings that a mere write-up simply cannot suffice, and yet in vain I shall try.

Your power is radiant, your persona is forgiving, and your empathy is surely not that of us mere humans. You saved me from one of the most nightmarish things that I could have ever imagined, and you did so readily without a second thought.

You listened to my senseless ramblings and comforted me, and I stand confidently in a great place today, a place much better off than the one

I might stand in without your help. Beyond that, you cared for my well-being when I was in no position to do so, lodged me when I had nowhere else to go, and ensured that in future I would be strong.

It’s people like you that make someone faithful in humanity, and it’s people like you that make one reckon with the good that people are capable of. Your spirit is so plentiful that it changes one’s outlook.

Introducing The Nice List, a place for the editors, copy editors, students or denizens of Houghton-Hancock to thank or acknowledge someone or an organization who made their day, week, or experience in life a little bit better or a little easier. We want to give the community a chance to put something kind in the paper as a thank you to all those people who make life nicer. If you would like to participate in this column, please send your submission to

[email protected]