The Nice List

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for supporting me during my time in college, and as I grew up. I know I wasn’t always the most grateful child, and I likely caused a lot of problems for you when I argued about doing work at home. However, looking back, I can now see how much I appreciate being able to rely on you when I need help. You help me look forward to the future, and ensure I always have a place to go back to, should things not work out as I plan.

Lately, I’ve been thinking back quite a bit, thinking about how my past has influenced me moving forward into the future. You’ve given me advice when I struggled, and you’ve done your best to make sure I have every opportunity I need to move forward. Sure, there were times when it seemed like you were being critical, however, it only helped me strive to be even better than I was, and it led me to being a hard-working and dedicated person today.