Two decades of Drag Show bliss at MTU

Aemili Lipzinski, Pulse Editor

So, the weekend is nearly here and coming with it is none other than the 20th annual Michigan Tech Drag Show! This year’s show is sure to be a blast with returning performances from all of our favorite Drag Queens, and, of course, our beloved King.

Last year’s show was heart-wrenchingly beautiful when Justin Case shared his incredibly moving journey to become legally recognized as a man. We have watched these incredible Queens and our King grow, and we as a community have grown with them.

While the date never stays the same, one thing that never changes from year to year is the unbelievably upbeat and welcoming atmosphere that the performers bring with them to the stage. No matter who you are, you belong in that auditorium with them, and it feels like they pull the audience into their show.

The audience becomes a part of the performance, and we grow attached to the story of the show. The audience screams and cheers and showers the Queens with money and in return the Queens shower the audience with love, and they offer the entire room a message of self-love and acceptance.

The Drag Show is more than just a performance: it is a work of art; it is a prideful homecoming; it is the gathering of souls in one loud, boisterous, beautiful place. The Drag Show is comprised of numerous song and dance parts by the various Queens and King, and includes spoken portions by the host, Joey Black.

As this marks the second decade of annual drag at Michigan Tech, this performance is sure to be show-stopping. Last year, we were unable to see a few of our beloved Queens due to personal conflicts, but we were assured that they were planning on returning this year.

I might be waxing poetic, but I have attended the show three out of my four years and every year I am completely blown away by the incredibly raw and real performances put on by these amazing people. The costumes are carefully designed and created with massive, heavy headpieces and the songs carefully chosen to reflect the beliefs, values and theme of the show each year.

In addition to the entertainment factor, the Queens allow the community, the audience, into their own personal lives as well, creating a connection that makes you want to come back and support them year after year.

This year, the Drag Show will be on Saturday, Sept. 14 at 8 p.m. in the Rozsa Center. Tickets cost $5 for the general public and only $3 for students. We recommend that you come prepared with a little extra cash in case you want to go interact with the Queens and maybe some bottled water because screaming all night tends to make your throat hurt.

Dress up or dress down, come as you are, the Drag Show is a place for anyone of any background or sexuality, age or status to come and enjoy. Pictures are not only allowed, but they are encouraged so make sure your phone is charged up or pack your camera because the costumes are not something you’ll want to forget!