The Nice List


A tribute to warm Yooper culture

Life of a graduate student is not very easy, especially in an unknown land. But whenever I had any query, I found your office doors wide open (except at the times when you were on lunch).

I met you on the first day of my arrival at Tech because I had to complete my documentation. You said everything was new to you, but the way you handled all with patience is really appreciable. And probably that was the beginning of my two semester-long “Q&A session” with you.

Whether it is anything about university documentation, funding information, queries regarding advisory committee and procedures, worries about exams or just general question, I found you always responsive and helpful. Even when it was 6 in the evening and you had a desk full of work to complete, you talked to me for half an hour to hear all my questions and answer them immediately.

I know I was not an exception, and you were this nice to everyone who knocked at your door. So when I say this, I say this on behalf of everyone, thank you so much. You will be missed. Have a great life ahead.



Introducing The Nice List, a place for the editors, copy editors, students or denizens of Houghton-Hancock to thank or acknowledge someone or an organization who made their day, week, or experience in life a little bit better or a little easier. We want to give the community a chance to put something kind in the paper as a thank you to all those people who make life nicer. If you would like to participate in this column, please send your submission to
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*Note: This article ran April 4