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A tribute to warm Yooper culture

Walking around school, we witness tenacity. Students move between buildings like ants on a mission to gather food despite the frigid, uneven terrain. Laurels of success in academia and sports float in the community’s discourse. But there is a deeper layer to the external tenacity, a world of fear, insecurity, and desire for understanding. It is an oblivion that could easily spiral out of control, making it imperative to check.

This is why I believe the Waino Wahtera Center for student success does exceptional work. Led by Susan Liebau, they work day in and day out to ensure that students are ever on the move, helping them to tenaciously realize their potential. Susan works with her team of type-A coaches who go out of their way to listen and help students with their concerns. What makes their work great is the little things: help with test anxiety, Google Calendar, time management, procrastination, etc. Their valuable lessons could form the foundation for a student’s lifelong success. They are unsung heroes of Michigan Technological University who continue to work towards their mission, unfettered by the frigid terrain and dark nights.

Thank you for the work you do.



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